Good old bike games are here and we are more than happy to announce a new flash game from this category – Moto X3M. It was released not so long ago and it quickly became one of the most popular games out there. The main reason why people love it so much is because it has amazing stunts, mind-blowing graphics and tons of different features which are entertaining and challenging.

How to play:
Do your best to reach the finish line of the map as soon as it is possible, do your best in order to not fall or crash into something. Along the way, you can perform different stunts to collect more points.

The game also focuses on the time, there is counter available at the top side of the game menu, there you can track your time and it is really helpful if you want to improve your results. The less time it will take for you to reach the finish line the better.

Like I have said before performing stunts during the race is an ordinary thing to do in Moto X3M, it is important to note that there are various available stunts, some of them grant you more points compared to other ones. Try to use stunts often, but also keep an eye on the time, you don’t want to sacrifice your time results for the sake of stunts.

There are pretty simple and basic buttons for controlling the game, I will list all the keys below.

Up arrow key – Accelerate
Down arrow key – Brake
Left arrow button – Tilt left
Right arrow button – Tilt right

Pretty easy navigation and comfortable as well.

Granting time:
I have mentioned above that you shouldn’t sacrifice your time results for the sake of performing cool stunts. It is true, but I have forgotten to mention that if you will perform successful stunt it will give you a bonus -0.5 seconds, this way you can improve your results, just don’t risk for no reason and play safe.

Moto X3M is full of different obstacles, different blades, explosives, spinning blades, etc. Try not to fall on these dangerous objects and try to avoid them, they can either explode or do other types of harm to you or your vehicle and you will instantly lose the game.

Accelerate, jump over the obstacles and you will be okay, along the way don’t forget to perform some cool stunts to excite people.

Stars as results:
After finishing a level you get your score, three stars mean that you have completed the level with a perfect score, two and one stars mean that you did manage to complete a level, but you should work on your results and focus on three stars score.

Apart from stars, you can also check your time results, your record time and other important stats as well.

Maps and levels:
There are many different levels in the game. Each map is different and unique, the landscape is different, obstacles are different and traps are different as well. Usually starting levels of the game are relatively easy, things get more difficult at higher levels, you will have to face difficult challenges and it will be harder for you to earn three stars rating.

Game is not easy, but it is challenging and interesting and this is exactly why people love to play it so much.

Video guide:
It is pretty convenient to have a guide on YouTube these days. People love to learn from videos, they find it comfortable, easy and helpful to learn from video guides. With that being said, I present you following guide which has tons of different tips which can be useful for improving your results in the game.

Find it on your phone:
I love to play games on my phone, I used to play game at school with a help of smartphone and nowadays I play games at work whenever I have free time, with that being said I am more than happy to let you know that you can download this game on your phone and play it there as well. Download links are presented below.

If you are into bike games, if you love to enjoy thrilling gameplay, if you love extreme sports you will more than enjoy new Moto X3M.

It has so many positive sides, starting from map selection, from possibility to perform different stunts, from comfortable control keys and ending with unique/challenging obstacles. I’m pretty sure that you will love it and I am pretty sure that you will appreciate our effort to give you the opportunity to play it online for free.

Bookmark our blog and come back whenever you feel like you have free time and you would love to play the world’s best bike game online.